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FAQ’s for House Call Doctor in Los Angeles, CA

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FAQ's for House Call Doctor in Los Angeles, CA

How are you able to give a sick child or teenager the care they need without being in a medical environment?

I offer personalized care for kids and teenagers in the comfort of their home or hotel. With more than 17 years as a pediatrician, and with today’s technology, I am able to provide the same assessment I would during an office visit. The big advantage with a house call service is you don’t have to drag children out of bed, get them dressed, and put them in your car, especially when they’re already not feeling well.

Why did you decide to transition from a traditional office practice to a house call practice?

As a working mother, I remember too well the anxiety of caring for a sick child. It was challenging, attempting to schedule an appointment, navigating through traffic and long office waits.

My mobile Pediatric House Call service is designed to serve families and provide exclusive, personalized health care for their children. I want to develop a close professional relationship with my families, and at the same time, deliver care in the comfort of their home or hotel.

Parents like privacy, and don’t like waiting. It’s better for me as a doctor, too, because I don’t have to think about a waiting room full of people. It lets me give children and parents the time and individual attention they want and deserve.

Why should parents choose Baby Doc House Calls?

My Pediatric House Call service is exclusive, professional quality care delivered in the comfort of your home. Patient/Doctor confidentiality is guaranteed.

What are your office hours?

I am available 24 hours to take your call for personalized healthcare services for kids.

Are there any educational resources you recommend for parents?

I recommend healthychildren.orgcdc.gov and www.illusa.org (Le Leche League).

Do you accept health insurance plans?

No. This is a fee-for-service practice and I do not bill through insurance plans. I can provide you with the necessary documentation to file for reimbursement with your insurance provider.