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Pediatric Physical Examinations in Los Angeles, CA

Children’s physical exams are recommended to stay up to date with their health and development. We offer sports physicals, camp physicals, and more at your home. Call (818) 798-1821 or schedule an appointment with our house call doctor at Baby Doc House Calls.

Pediatric Physical Examinations in Los Angeles, CA

Does your child need a sports or camp physical examination? Baby Doc House Calls can provide it. She will come to you so you and your child can stay home and not be inconvenienced!

What types of physicals can you provide at Baby Doc House Calls?

Dr. Andrea C Goings is a board certified Pediatrician. She has many years of experience treating children just like yours, providing sports and camp physicals. This includes

  • Sports physicals – Physical exams for children joining a sports team
  • Camp physicals – Physicals for children attending a camp
  • Tests to ensure your child is in good health – Such as urinalyses, glucose tests, and others
  • Telemedicine and virtual services – Digital, online healthcare
  • And more!

Read on to learn more about some of the common types of physicals Baby Doc House Calls can provide!

What do I do if my child needs a school, sports, or camp physical?

You can simply schedule an appointment with Dr. Goings, then show her any paperwork you have, and then she’ll perform the exam. She will also complete the paperwork for you and your child. And that’s it! Your child will be ready for their new experience.

It can be really convenient to get sports or camp physicals done right in your home, especially if your child forgot their paperwork and needs one right away. You might not have the time to wait for your family doctor to be available, and this is when Baby Doc House Calls is especially convenient!

How can my child get camp or sports physical examinations in Los Angeles, CA?

If you want a one-time exam, Dr. Goings can provide that. If you’re looking for a pediatrician who can provide sports or camp physicals and support for your child in the long term, Dr. Goings can be that for you. Get in touch with Dr. Goings to see if she is what you’re looking for! You can visit our Request a Visit page or call Baby Doc House Calls at (818) 798-1821 to set up an appointment.

Dr. Goings is excited to meet you and your child and to help your child stay healthy!